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Jamila Jackson, a creative and inspiring young lady, is a loved and appreciated hairstylist with a lot of style, finesse, and passion for making her clients feel like royalty. Born and raised in Richmond, CA, Jamila is a proud mother of three brilliant kids and believes she was put on this earth to be a licensed cosmetologist.


Jamila’s skill in doing hair has been developing since she was the age of 14 and with over 15 years of experience, she has her mother to thank for this amazing gift. Her mother always dreamed of being a hairstylist, but after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel, she was unable to continue doing hair a dream that Jamila feels she is still able to continue on behalf of her mother.


As a result of this mishap, most of Jamila’s clients were her mother’s – turning this mishap into a blessing for Jamila’s future. After graduating from Laney College in 2014, Jamila decided that she wanted to open up her own business which is now Beauty of Royalty offering affordable prices to all of her clients. She loves what she does and put 100% into her business with the goal to make her clients satisfied, confident, and most importantly, beautiful. Jamila is dedicated to providing great service, products, and client satisfaction.

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